Bass The Beast releases New Music Video

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast recently released a music video to his single “Bass in your face”. Bass The Beast said he was inspired by the bravery and heroism of the black lives matter movement after the death of George Floyd. He says he is very proud and impressed by everyone who went out to protest to show support. He said this kind unity and perseverance will help make this world a better place. He said it made him happy to see people of different races and colors come together for one cause. He said he felt like the world was finally opening its eyes. He says he was very saddened and hurt to know that George Floyd was murdered and gives his condolences to his family. Bass The Beast wanted to make the voices of hundreds of protesters heard so he attended a black lives matter protest June 4th 2020 in New York City. He said that the media, law enforcement, domestic terrorists, hate groups, Donald Trump, and many other politicians were discrediting, disrupting, harming and slandering the movement with lies, fabricated stories, acts of violence and crimes committed by government sponsored actors like looting and arson. Bass The Beast says when he attended the protest all he saw was peaceful protesters and good vibes. He said he saw people of all different colors, languages, and religions. Bass The Beast even saw priests protesting. Bass The Beast made this music video to amplify the voice of the protesters protesting with him. Out of respect for the Black lives Matter Movement, George Floyd and his family Bass The Beast did not appear in the music video even once because he said this movement is much bigger than him.

Bass The Beast wants to thank you for reading and wishes you a fantastic day and God bless you.

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