Bass The Beast Demands that police automatically serve double maximum sentences for crimes and more

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast is demanding that law makers, The President and the citizens hold police accountable for crimes. Bass The Beast believe the police should be held at a higher standard. He said a leader is supposed to lead by example not with pride or ego. He says the police are too sensitive and too aggressive. Bass The Beast says the police disregard rules because they aren’t facing any real consequences. He said the police have become self entitled narcissistic egotistical bullies and need to be taught a lesson. He says they resemble all of the traits of the devil and if they aren’t stopped now they will eventually start to enslave and massacre us by the hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions. Bass The Beast believe that police officers who commit crimes must be tried in a independent court ran by citizens that do not have any relationship to the law enforcement or bias. He believes that the police when found guilt must be serve double the maximum sentence in order to deter any abuse of power. Bass The Beast says if the maximum sentence is 12 years the officer must serve 24 years and if the fine is $1,000,000 the officer must pay $2,000,000. Bass The Beast also believes that undercover cops, military personnel, any kind of informant, ICE and police impersonators who commit crimes must be charged with high treason and serve life in prison, have all their cash, assets, and property seized, confiscated and donated to the poor. Bass The Beast believes that undercover cops, military personnel, any kind of informant, ICE and police impersonators that engage in criminal activity are a threat to national security, humanity and freedom. He says undercover cops, military personnel, ICE, any type of informant and police impersonators make it harder to know who is criminal, Could have access to dangerous weapons, can engage in espionage, and uses their disguise to discredited civil rights and humans rights movements, violate the privacy of others, infiltrate, rob, sexually assault, hack and assassinate protesters and can be used in acts of domestic and foreign terrorism. We need to treat them like potiental nuclear weapons. Bass The Beast believes no one should have to live in fear, have there rights violated, or have their life and freedom wrongfully stolen from them. Bass The Beast also demands that citizens, non citizens and illegal immigrations who do not work for law enforcement and are held or detained in police custody should be paid $50 hourly for their time and must be protected from being fired from their jobs until being found guilty in a court of law since many americans have been wrongful detained and imprisoned in the past due to police seeking revenge on them. Paying citizens, non citizens and illegal immigrations that do not work for law enforcement hourly will discourage police from using detention as a means to intimidate, torture, break someone’s will, waste resources and take advantage of there badge. Bass The Beast also demands that police officers who lie, exaggerate, or give misleading statements in person or on police reports must be charged with criminal felony charges and must pay $500,000 in fines that are then donated to the black lives matter movement, Charities for the poor, those wrongful imprisoned, wrongly fined and the family’s of individuals murdered by police. Bass The Beast believes that in order to stop corruption and the abuse of power we must make examples out of all tyrants across this nation. Bass The Beast also shared this bible verse.

Isaiah 13:11 I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will put an end to the pomp of the arrogant, and lay low the pompous pride of the ruthless

Bass The Beast wants to thank you for reading and wishes you a fantastic day and God bless you.

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