Bass The Beast warns fellow Black Lives Matter Advocates not to let guard down and keep protesting

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast is warning protestors not to let their guard down. Bass The Beast says the police have done some horrible, deceitful, sinister things in the name control, oppression and revenge. He says it’s always calm in the eye of the storm. He says we have won battle but have not won the war yet. Bass The Beast is warning all protestors to avoid being outside at night especially in dark secluded areas. He warns that many of the protest leaders and protestors at the ferguson protests were found shot dead in their cars. Some of the protestors car were even burned with them inside. Bass The Beast warns everyone to stay alert, always be able to see and hear what is around. He says always look both ways before crossing the street. As an activist he has had others try to assassinate him. He says when they can’t gun you down at night they will try to run you over in the day time. Bass The Beast says right now is not a time for fear but a time for caution and preparation. Bass The Beast also says despite all the speeding on the streets continue to drive the speed limit because the police will try to find a reason to pull you over, insinuate suspicious or “probable cause” in order to illegally search you and your vehicle to create a crime. Police may lie, say they smell weed, have a broken tail light, “claim you match a description” or that “you look suspicious” so always keep a camera on the dashboard of your car incase they pull you over and illegally search your car. He’s says they may try to plant drugs in your car but a camera will most likely deter them. He mentions a viral video on facebook shows how in NYPD police officer was caught planting drugs in someones car for a second time but was caught by his own body cam footage. Bass The Beast also suggests getting a camera in your car for safety and to prevent an attempted financial sabotage. Bass The Beast says that thieves are less likely to steal your car if it has a camera. He says criminals including violent people are sometimes detered from using violence due to cameras. He also explains how in November of 2019 he was in his car with his girlfriend at a red light when a large pick up truck jumped into his lane and hit him the moment the light turned green. He explained how he wasn’t even moving and that large pick up truck just scraped the front of his bumper and instead of stopping at the place the accident occurred the driver who hit him drive a block up. Unfortunately in New York the person who is hit in the front is at fault unless that person can prove the other was the one to hit you and I couldn’t prove it because I didn’t have a camera at that time. I bought a camera a few days later and i’m glad I did. Now when I get pulled over the police don’t ever dare to ask me questions or interrogate me at a traffic stop. Basically Bass The Beast is saying that the government will try to attack you in different ways whether it be financially, emotionally, or physically so keep your hands clean, know how to protect yourself and don’t get caught slipping. Bass The Beast also encourages you to always be ready to record the police incase they try something. Nothing discourages crooked cops more than a smart phone and facebook live. Bass The Beast believes you should do everything by the book and don’t give the devil an opportunity to attack. He explains how he knew someone who was on his way to a Black lives Matter protest until the police pulled him over and arrested him because he had an air freshener attached to his rear view mirror. The charge was “obstruction of view” but the truth is this were the police targeting and attempting to intimidate him for being a protestor. When you do everything correct the devil gets frustrated because he can’t find an opening to attack. Bass The Beast shared this bible verse that he thinks will benefit protestors.

Mark 13:33 Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come.

Bass The Beast wants to thank you for reading and wishes you a fantastic day and God bless you.

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