Bass The Beast believes uncle sam is starting the fires at protests over George Floyd's death.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast believes undercover cops, informants and other government sponsored actors are starting fires, looting and becoming violent in order to frame, discredit, slander and defame peaceful protesters and activist groups like black lives matter and anarchists. Bass The Beast has been an activist for many years and has witnessed many of the atrocious, disturbing, and disgusting travesties committed by The NYPD, Nassau County Police, and The FBI. Bass The Beast says he’s certain this abuse of fabricated man-made authority is plague destroying the lives of millions if not billions. As an activist Bass The Beast has fought for racial equality, civil rights, The need to stop police brutality, and to end all religious prosecution. Bass The Beast also fights for human rights including feminism, The protection of undocumented immigrants, the LGBT community, animal rights, stopping climate change, and against all forms of tyranny. As an activist Bass The Beast has received death threats, has been harassed, assaulted, stalked, and had multiple undercover cops, informants, and other government hired sponsored actors attempt to infiltrate his family, rob him, frame him, coerce him and assassinate him. Bass The Beast is also an christian anarchist and says the government is framing anarchist and activists in order to label them as terrorist and to justify using the tyrannical methods they wish to employ on us. Bass The Beast says anarchists are not violent people and Anarchist simply believe in self governance without have a oppressive tyrannical regime extort, coerce, control, murder, kidnap, and hold us for ransom like animals in a cage. Bass The Beast believes that the government has no power and God is the only authority we must submit to. Bass The Beast has safety tips for anyone protesting. 

Stay united and remove all snakes from your circle.

Bass The Beast says The devil will entice you to commit crimes, acts of violence and looting. You must not fall into the trap. Anyone who creates animosity, engages in acts of violence or looting is either working for the government or a liability. Separate yourself from them and before making it known that they are a problem record them and show your circle. When  undercover cops gets exposed there first reaction will be to accuse you and make everyone suspicious of each other so proof will make you credible. The objective of undercover cop at that point will be to have your friends turn on you by create doubt and stirring up division in order to divide and conquer. Remain united and don’t let the devil divide you.

The devil is a liar

Bass The Beast says Dishonesty is a warning sign that should not be ignored. In the art of war Sun Tzu stated “all warfare is based on deception”. If you want to survive as activist I suggest you read the art of war. This book has helped avoid all kinds of danger a activist, as a musician, and when I was living in the ghetto. The art of war was even banned in certain prisons including California prisons because inmates were outsmarting correctional officers. With that being said If a person lies more than once beware. I would rather live with a thief than with a liar any day of the week. Infiltrators have something to hide so they will make up a fake story of who they are. what they do for a living, they will give you a fake name and if you’re in the ghetto it’s harder because they use street names. Someone will go as far create a fake family for you to meet so they can pass as believable. Many of these undercover cops and infiltrators are in military which means they have a sort professional training and methods to alter their appearance(such as make up, hair dye, colored contacts, altering voice and speaking with an accent that they don’t really have. You must act is if someone is watching you all the time even if they are not. I’m not telling you to be afraid I’m telling you to remain cautious. 

Have a support system.

Bass The Beast says when he attended traditional college (classrooms and not online). He was started to grow his fan base and was already at 20,000 fans. He noticed as he received more attention for his music the more he was be followed, harassed and scrutinized. He said he was in college, releasing albums and working as a independent contractor for Postmates. He noticed the more successful he became the more desperate the was becoming to try to bring him down. Bass The Beast was struggling with the death of two family members at that time and was trying to keep it together. He sociology professor noticed the problem and give him advice that changed his life. She realized he was being targeted and in a subtle way gave him tips as well as everyone in the class on how deal with the monsters of this society. She spoke of microaggressions and that was something I was too familiar with. Sometimes people with say all types of negative things in order to provoke you. They usually try to play it off like they are joking or was intentional. Usually it was something about my culture and ethnicity. They do it so frequently that you eventually explode. Once you explode they accuse you overreacting and trying to destroy your reputation by making you appear as a troublemaker or an aggressive person. The key is to have a strong support system. Haters are discouraged when you are in a strong group of loyal people because you just laugh off every insult they throw and sometimes throw them back as a group. You need to find a good group of people who are loyal and aren’t going to get you in trouble. If you have a family they should be your first choice as a support system because no one is closer to you more than a blood relative. Don’t isolate yourself because that’s exactly what the enemy wants. You need people to defend you when the false accuser attacks. 

Remain positive 

Bass The Beast says Activism can cause have a toll on you financially, mentally and emotionally. Many people loss their job fighting for what is good and just. Always have extra money saved up. Wars require funding. You must have multiple streams of income and be as independent as possible. You may have heard the phrase a “safe job”. Well No job is safe you could be hired today and fired tomorrow. The man controlling your paid check is controlling your will. Believe me once you get a taste of freedom and become your own boss you will never wanna work for someone again. I personally feel like a slave who got sick of the nonsense escaped the plantation. They are might hang me in the future but to be honest I don’t care because i’m never going back. For now i’m enjoying my freedom until the overseer hangs me. There are plenty of independent contracting jobs like Uber or Postmates to get you started. You need to take care of yourself emotionally to avoid making dangerous mistakes. You may have heard the phrase “fake it till you make”. Well the truth is it works. I was depressed after my aunt and grandfather died the same year. That same year I was taking a public speaking class where my professor lost her mother. I truly believe God put her in my life in that moment to help me out. She told of the times she’s worked in the media and introduced the concept of fake it till you make. I was depressed and It was affecting me so I decided to test that concept and I thank God I did. I spent months with a forced fake smile. Everyone  initially thought that I lost it but eventually I became genuinely happy for the first time in so long. I realized happiness is a choice. If you are going to survive as an activist you need to take care yourself. You must love yourself before you can love others. 

Run away from negativity 

Bass The Beast says Do not let other drag you down with hatred. Negativity is toxic to the soul. Inspire, uplift and avoid all haters. Undercover cops, informants and other government sponsored actors are filled with hate, negativity and they may even become violent so avoid them like the plague. If someone in your circle is emotional upset find a way to help them out as well. 

Avoid drugs, alcohol, or people who are in love with money.             


Bass The Beast says to stay sober and alert. Avoid people who love money to much because they will turn on you for the right price. Judas betrayed Jesus for money. Poverty is a growing problem in the world but it’s no excuse to be a traitor. Many informants snitch for monetary gain so beware. The enemy will also use drugs and alcohol to frame you, interrogate you. throw you in jail, strip you of your rights, control you and even assassinate you. Many informants are regular people who were arrested and are snitching for a lesser sentence. Many people have been murdered under the influence. An undercover cop could easy put on a colored bandana and ski mask in order to blame your death on gang violence or money owed to a drug dealer. Don’t get caught slipping and have Judas sitting at your table. Avoid criminal activity, greed and drugs. Don’t drugs use them and don’t be near them to protect yourself.

Bass The Beast Wants you to read these relevant verses in the bible

be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. - 1 Peter 5:8 

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. - 1 Timothy 6:10

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

Don’t fall into the honey trap. but instead find true love

Bass The Beast says The government has no limit to how low they will stoop. Be careful of the women or men you allow into your romantic or intimate life. The government will use what you do in the bedroom against you. One infamous example is Martin Luther King Jr. The government actually tried to blackmail Martin Luther King Jr with an affair he apparently had. The truth is whatever you do behind closed doors is between you, God, and the person your are intimate with. In today’s society the devil thinks he can do whatever he wants. Don't fall into the trap. In the ghetto and on the streets I’ve heard horror stories of guys being robbed, tied and tortured because they were set up with the wrong woman. Since the beginning of America Innocent men of color especially black men have been falsely accused, convicted, lynched, imprisoned and put to death for false accusations of rape due to systemic racism. Finding real love and not being a player is the wiser choice

A good woman is more valuable than gems and rubies

The bible says we should wait until marriage before engaging in adult fun but I understand if you can’t. If you can’t wait here are so vital tips

  • Get her ID and even take a picture if necessary to ensure he or she is of legal age. 

  • Always ask permission and get consent before engaging in any activity.

  • Treat your partner with respect.

  • Introduce them to your friends and family so they know you have a relationship going on as well as who your partner is. 

So these are a just few tips on how to stay safe and survive as an activist. Bass The Beast would like to thank you for being such a great fan. Bass The Beast wishes you all peace, love, prosperity and Good vibes. Bass The Beast says God bless you all and have a fantastic day!

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