Bass The Beast Shares Tips on how to survive the boredom of the Covid-19 quarantine

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Unfortunately most of us are still dealing with restrictions from the covid-19 quarantine or shelter in place. Bass The Beast wants to share some tips with you in order to help you maintain your sanity during these uncertain times. As a cancer survivor undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital Bass The Beast had no choice but to adapt. Just as many of you had to cancel plans and put your lives on hold so did Bass The Beast and many other Cancer survivors and patients. Bass The Beast was a college student attending classes, releasing music, delivering food for apps like Postmates, organizing a tour and mourning the death of his Aunt and Grandparents when he was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia). The moment he was diagnosed he was sent to a hospital and commenced chemotherapy treatment at Sloan Kettering Memorial Center. Bass The Beast would spend months at a time undergoing intense chemotherapy and learning a ton of new life lessons on his Journey. Like many of you right now Bass The Beast had so much time and ambition but had barriers in his path. Bass The Beast continued to prioritize his health as first but became productive differently. He decided to work on an album and focus on marketing his music while in the hospital. He would produce his beats, write lyrics, market his music across social media platforms, and was even offered two record deals but rejected them because they weren’t compatible with his career goals all from his hospital bed. During treatment Bass The Beast had to stare death in the face. He almost died three different times, had 3 surgeries, fevers that lasted a month or more, A damaged liver due to the chemotherapy (Thank God his liver healed  and is fully functional) and suffered an enormous amout of stress and pain. To this day Bass The Beast still has Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but believes it was God’s way of making him stronger. Through his journey he learned to be happy, appreciate life, count his blessings remain optimistic, and cherished every second of his life. He also wants you to feel those good vibes too. Here are something’s Bass The Beast did in order to entertain himself during his treatment that you could use to stay sane during the quarantine or shelter in place. 


No one can make your life a greater adventure than God. Bass The Beast understands that everyone may not agree with institutionalization religion and that’s cool. He says we can’t blame God for the actions of others. God loves you and he wants to talk to you so don’t be afraid to speak to God. We all pray and communicate differently. He said I’m sure you would laugh if you heard me praying to God because I talk to him like i’m talking to a best friend. I might be like “What’s up God how are you? I’ve been having a rough day and I really need you to help me maintain my composure cuz this hater has really been getting on my nerves and I really wanna stay out of trouble.” God is your best friend and your father so embrace him. Every saint was a sinner but we can still be redeemed. 

Embrace your niche 

Find what you love and chase it. Chase your dreams! What’s a painter without a brush or a singer without a voice? We all have a special gifts that can use to make the world a better place so embrace it. Sometimes we need to dig deep inside of ourselves in order to find our purpose and find the path to our destiny. Bass The Beast says he can’t see himself doing something other than what he loves doing now. He’s loves writing, singing, rapping, producing, composing, designing and being his own boss. Bass The Beast says he would rather be a joyful poor musician over a miserable rich sell out any day as he mentioned in a bible verse in relation to the topic. 

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? - Mark 8:36 

Bass The Beast said money doesn’t buy happiness so embrace your niche. In order to find your true purpose you need the help of God. Bass The Beast doesn’t hesitate to give God the credit and he says he wouldn’t be here today without the help of God. He said passionately 

Pursue your passions and get paid for it. 

Watch Television or Streaming Services. 

There are so many movies, tv shows, and videos. Bass The Beast suggest watching comedy. As a graphic designer Bass The Beast fell in love with the hit series Family Guy. In the hospital he had so much time on his hands it was ridiculous. He saw every episode of family guy. Bass The Beast realized that the key to surviving cancer or any catastrophe was laughter and positivity. Eventually he saw every episode of American Dad, Bobs burgers, Rick and Morty, South park and futurama. Embrace the quarantine or shelter in place. Chill out and take it easy because this is an opportunity to bond with the members of your household. Look at it as a vacation 

Play video games

Did you know certain video games can make you smarter? By entertaining yourself with the right video games you are learning and don’t even notice. Bass The Beast played many video games during chemotherapy just let time pass by. Do yourself a favor invest in a gaming system it’s worth it. You’ll save tons of money by  playing video games on semi older gaming consoles. These games are cheaper and lots of fun. Everytime you leave your home you spend money so chill, play a video game and have a second controller incase you wanna play with your spouse, significant other, or family member. Bass The Beast still plays his Playstation 3 but says he’s not planning to buy the Playstation 4 until they release playstation 5.  He mentioned that his mom taught him how to play video games, shop and bargain hunt. He says his mother is a undiscovered genius. 


Yeah I know everyone is like who wants to read? Well Guess what? You are reading right now! Everyone reads you just need to read something you are interested in. Bass The Beast spent hours reading books on producing, self care, articles on social media, A few record deals, publishing deals, contracts and articles to stay healthy while fight cancer. He still reads on a daily basis to the point it’s second nature. The internet is literally a digital library of books with words, images, video and all kinds of awesome information. So next time you see a smart phone remember that it’s also a book.

Use social media

When Bass The Beast first started using social media to promote his business. He knew it was important but had no idea how vital it would be in the digital age. Back 2015 (don’t worry Bass The Beast is still young lol) when he first started making music he was dropping songs on soundcloud and didn’t even know what spotify was. Social media is not only entertaining but it is also profitable. Bass The Beast even had the honor of endorsing a watch on instagram for the company blissbody at a company based in London, UK. You can recieve 15% discount at their website by using the promo code bass_the_beast_15

Bass The Beast was super hyped because he reached one of many milestones to come in his life. As an introvert Bass The Beast feels like the internet has helped many introverts function in society without having to surrender to the status quo and the politics of social interactions. He says introverts from generations before us would of dreamt of such a thing. Gaining followers and likes daily may eventually help you financially in the future.

Work from home or attend online courses 

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? No one knows the exact reason but one thing is for sure they were unable to adapt. You’re business doesn’t have to stop but it needs to evolve. We as humans must evolve and use technology to our advantage. Even the pope was live streaming his prayer service due to covid-19 pandemic. It’s time to buckle up and become technological pioneers for future generations. Bass The Beast was making his album from his hospital bed and racking up streams. No excuses just find a solution and break the walls in your path. Before the stay at home order or shelter in place Bass The Beast decided he wanted to go to back college and finish getting his Bachelors Degree in Graphic information technology. By the grace of God he chose to take online courses and dodged major potential setbacks and unnecessary risks by taking online course. Bass The Beast had come to the realization that traditional classrooms aren’t for him. He acknowledges that he is too cool to go to physical school but knows he needs to attend school and gain an education even if it means remotely. Bass The Beast believe the internet has created windows of opportunity to those society has rejected and neglected. Like Jay-Z said “Google’s your friend bruh”. Change is a beautiful thing and change is the only constant variable in this game of life.

Bass The Beast wants everyone to remain safe and take care of Themselves as well as each other. He hopes that this article helps you get through your day and inspires you.

These opinions are the opinions of Bass The Beast and are not the opinions of any other company, individual or organizations mentioned in this article or website - Juan  Francisco Lopez III (Bass The Beast) CEO and Founder of Bass The Beast LLC