Making The World A Better Place One Song At A Time

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast is a healer for those lost and misguided in these dark uncertain times. He believes with the help of God that he can make the world a better. He wants his lyrics and melodies to open the eyes of those who are blind and He wants the poor to prosper. He wants those battling illnesses and disease to survive and be cured. He wants the world to hear his message and continue fighting for good. His latest album ascension is meant to elevate the masses so that we can overcome the obstacles placed upon us together. His album speaks of many the issues haunting us today.

His optimistic and uplift lyrics preach love and trusting God. He also creates an innovative sub genre called Christian Drill Music and has a very fierce but captivating attitude as he projects his message with an incredible voice. The quality of music is above mainstream quality and his lyrical abilities are similar to Eminem and Tupac. This Album is by far one of the best albums of the millennium and extremely underrated. Anyone who wants to hear positive and motivational Christian music should really give this album a listen. It's available on all streaming services.