Bass The Beast Demands that government becomes more transparent.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Bass The Beast Demands that law makers pass a bill which forces all law enforcement agencies to surrender and publicize all of their body cam footage, police reports and complaints made against all officers to the public in order to have transparency and prosecute criminal and corrupted police officers for the crimes they committed now and in the past. Bass The Beast demands that all complaints, body cam footage, and police reports should be untampered with and demands that criminal charges be brought on whatever police officer or government employee that decides to alter, edit or destroy complaints, body cam footage, or police reports. Bass The Beast believes that justice must be served and american citizens won’t be able to completely heal until they see the police officers who harmed them punished for there crimes. God doesn’t like tyrants and the abuses of power. One example was when God freed the jews from the tyrannical pharaoh in egypt. Ultimately the pharaoh was consumed by the sea. Bass The Beast says Tyranny is a threat to freedom, justice and humanity. Tyranny is also an insult to God. We must resist all form of tyranny and oppression. Bass The Beast is calling out to citizen to come together and end all tyrants once and for all.

Bass The Beast wants to thank you for reading and wishes you a fantastic day and God bless you.

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